About Us

RYS Mission Statement:
To provide a quality; structured youth sport activities to the children of Racine County. The developmental programs will teach sports fundamentals, good sportmanship, character, discipline, competitiveness, and teamwork in a positive, caring and safe environment. Participants will have an equal opportunity to learn and compete while knowledgeable volunteers will promote the philosophies and principles of community and fair play.



Racine Youth Sports (RYS) is a volunteer organization providing baseball, football, volleyball and judo to the children of Racine County. Over 3,200 players from several communities within the county participate annually in RYS sports programs. Our goal through youth sports is to help develop the mental and physical well-being of the participants.

RYS was established in 1979 and continues to be the premier youth sports organziation in the area and on of the largest in the state. RYS has seen former participants return as coaches and game officials interested in continuing to provide the same opportunities they experienced for today's youth.

The various programs are open to children from ages 4-14. All of our programs are co-ed and available to all children of Racine County through multiple registration dates throughout the year. All participants receive playing time without pressure of "making the team." Participants are taught that through good sportsmanship and fair play, competitive game play can occur while providing a fun, learning experience.

Our slogan "Giving Youth a Sporting Chance," is as true as ever as we are most proud of the fact that in over 30 years, we have never turned a child away for financial reasons that wanted to play. In 1999, RYS opened Haban Park which houses 12 baseball fields, 7 football fields, full concessions and a children's play area.

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