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Baseball Rules:

2017 T-Ball/C.P./Rookie Manual

2017 Prep/Minor/Junior Manual


The Prep, Minor, and Junior leagues will have playoffs.  They will start immediately following the end of the regular season and conclude on Saturday, July 29th.

  Parents are Role Models Too:

Growing up, kids will say that sports star are their role models. True, they admire the athletic skills of these athletes, but the kids do not know much about how these athletes interact with the rest of societ.  Guess what?  Your kids know exactly how you represent yourself in public and especially during games.Think before you act and remember to be respectful of others and especially your child. Your kids learn the most from you and that includes good things and bad things. Be a good role model for your kid and other kids.

No Contracts Here:

RYS is an organization that gives the kids an opportunity to introduce a sport and learn athletic skills, leadership, discipline, and teamwork.  REMEMBER: In 30+ years, there has never been a child who received a sports contract after the season. It will never happen. Yelling at coaches for a bad play or a referee for a bad call will not result in success for the child, quite the contrary. Remember: It's just youth sports.

Winning and Losing:

We've noticed that kids get over losses just about after the post-game snack. However, the parents continue to bring up the loss in the parking lot, car, home, school, church, etc.  Ask yourself this: "How will a win by my child's team affect my life?" Or, "How will a loss by my child's team affect my life?"  Put these in perspective. 


Sports are about Learning

Sports represents experiences in life. And there are teaching moments at about each game and practice. Examples: teammates not performing their job assignment, missed call from the ref, unfair coaches, etc.  Instead of complaining about things, teach them about how to overcome these obstacles early in life. In the future, these kids will encounter similar instances in school and their careers.

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Please Keep Haban Park  Clean!

Here at RYS, we take great pride in the management of the fields. We strive for the best baseball and football fields for youth sports.

We cannot do this alone. Please remember to use trash cans for your concession items and carry-ins. Taking personal responsibility for your items helps everyone out.


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Program Manager