To all Baseball Coaches:

We will be using this page for undates and postings before, during and after the season. Along with email, this will be a spot to get up-to-date information.

2016 T-Ball/C.P./Rookie Manual

2016 Prep/Minor/Junior Manual

Volunteer Application

Directions For SportsManager


Please review page 4 of your coaches manual regarding re-scheduled makeups.  The re-scheduled games must be played as scheduled. 

If the game was not a complete game, the game will be played over.  A game is considered complete after four (4) innings unless the home team is ahead after 3-1/2 innings.  If weather cancelled the game in the 5th inning or later the score reverts back to the last complete inning and the game is considered completed. 

Please note: Head to Head has always been the RYS first league tie breaker with, if necessary, the second tie breaker being runs allowed. 

2014 Rule:  For Prep, Minor, & Junior League pitchers are allowed to pitch a maximum of nine (9) outs in a game.  Any pitcher may return to pitch only once per game.

2014 Rule Clarification:  In the Minor League a runner on third cannot score when there is a runner on first base attempting to steal second base.




Coaches: See our handy 1 page League Specific Rules. Feel free to print and keep with you at games:

Prep League Specific Rules

Minor League Specific Rules

Junior League Specific Rules


The Prep, Minor, and Junior leagues will have playoffs.  They will start immediately following the end of the regular season and conclude on Saturday, July 29th.


All persons wanted to be considered for coaching (includes Assistant Coaches) RYS baseball in 2016 must complete the RYS Volunteer Application.  You can download the form by clicking here RYS Volunteer Application, complete the form and then email it to or fax it in to 886-8970.  The completed form can also be mailed in to RYS P.O. Box 812 Sturtevant, Wisconsin 53177. 


RYS will once again use Sportsmanager for scheduling and standings. Please click here to connect to Sportsmanager.


Baseball Committee:

These individuals take on a variety of different roles relating to program operation. If you are interested in being considered, please send an email to program manager Chris Darge.



Use Sports Manager to check schedules.

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