RYS Statement

Throughout its 35 year history, Racine Youth Sports (“RYS”) has been committed to keeping its internal
matters confidential. This has included personnel decisions and finances.
Unfortunately, our current executive director, TJ Hearn, has decided to
announce his departure from RYS on social media. Suffice to say, TJ’s decision
to publicly discuss his employment status is disappointing to RYS and its Board
of Directors. Because of TJ’s public announcement, The Board is compelled to
publicly respond with this statement.

There is no question that over the past several years RYS, like many other nonprofit organizations
in the area, has experienced some financial challenges. A substantial reduction
in funding from United Way, fewer kids participating in football and baseball
and ever increasing costs relating to insurance, utilities, field maintenance,
equipment and uniforms have contributed to these challenges. RYS is in a
constant struggle to meet these financial challenges while still keeping its
registration fees affordable for our community. The Board recognizes that
Racine County continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the
state and that over 20 percent of the city’s population lives in poverty.
Despite its efforts to cut expenses and increase revenues, RYS cannot currently
continue to pay TJ’s significant annual salary past the 2015 football season.
It is The Board’s intention, finances permitting, to once again hire an
executive director in the future.

In the meantime, however, RYS is going to return to its roots and operate our programs as we did in our earlier years.
More specifically, we are going to hire different individuals to run each of
our several programs. In other words, we will hire different people to run our
volleyball, baseball and football programs. That individual will be in charge
of all aspects of that sport. This person will work out at Haban Park during
the course of the season and will be available year round by email or
telephone. This format will allow RYS to save substantial money on salaries,
payroll taxes and even utilities at the park during the off season. The Board
believes that this type of format will not only allow RYS to keep its
registration fees affordable but will also improve the quality of our programs
as we will have a single individual dedicating his or her full attention to
that single sport.

In sum, although RYS is disappointed to see TJ leave, we are very optimistic about the future of RYS and the continual
improvement in our programs and facilities even in these challenging times. On
behalf of RYS, the board thanks TJ for his time as our executive director and
wishes him nothing but the best in the future. If anyone in the RYS family has
any questions, please feel free to contact Brian Krogh (939-4915) or Steve
Botzau (554-6200). Thank you again for your continued support of RYS.

RYS Board of Directors


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